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Mission Statement

Troop 219 Mission Statement

Troop 219 follows the vision and Mission of the Boy Scouts of America by instilling the values of the Scout Oath and Law, developing skills through rank advancement, and providing a safe, supportive environment in which to learn through a strong outdoor program, teamwork, and support from trained adult and youth leaders.

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Welcome to Troop 219

When you sign your Son up for Troop 219, you’re signing him up for much more than an after-school activity. It is not as expensive or as time consuming as other activities. You can participate as much or little as you want. Your Son can participate in other activities at the same time.

Whether it’s catching his first fish or camping for the first time, your Son will take part in activities that are fun, but also character building and start him on a path to success. He will learn to interact and bond with a group of boys that he could remain friends with forever. While there are lots of cool Merit Badges and Rank advancement to earn, the experiences along the way are the true rewards.

All Leaders have to have background checks and Youth Protection Training every year. Look at some of the Pictures to see how fun it will be. You don’t know what you have been missing until you join Troop 219.


When You Join

For a boy to join Troop 219

he must meet BSA age and eligibility requirements. In addition, his Parent or legal Guardian must:

  • Meet the Scoutmaster, Troop, and Committee Chair
  • Fill out registration form
  • Pay Troop registration fees (prorated for those joining mid-year.)
  • Subscribe to Boys’ Life magazine (optional)
  • Sign the Code of Conduct acknowledging the Bylaws and SOP
  • Complete an Authorization to treat a Minor form
  • Complete a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record
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